5. Acceptable Use Policy for Smartphones.

There has been an exponential increase in the usage of smart phones in the last decade. Some students now use smart phones to cheat on tests and assignments. To prevent this from happening, the following, is an acceptable use policy you could implement.

  1. No smartphones are allowed to be in possession of the student, within the exam. If so, the exam will be seen as void.
  2. Students are allowed to use smartphones only when permissible, if the student fails to adhere to this, he/she shall have the smartphone confiscated until the lecture has been completed.
  3. For exam purposes, if it is allowed, smartphones will be used for educational purposes only. If the student does not abide by this rule, his/her phone shall be confiscated and returned once the exam has been completed.
  4. Phones to be put off or put on silent until lecture is complete.
  5. If a student receives an urgent call, he/she must excuse themselves from the lecture and take the call outside.

Read more at: Dainfern College. 2014. Dainfern College High School IT Acceptable Use Policy. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.dainferncollege.co.za/high-school/about-the-high-school/high-school-policies/571-dainfern-college-high-school-it-acceptable-use-policy. [Accessed 4 October 2017].

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