1.3 Define and explain how a digital citizen can enhance Social Capital

Social capital can be defined as the collective value of relationships of all social networks, grouping similar people and bridging the gap of diversity between these networks.

To enhance our social capital it is important that we make use  of the resources available to us as digital citizens, eg. Facebook, this will help us build relationships with people. With social network platform, we are able to share our characteristics, traits and visions to the fullest extent, enabling us to meet people with similar mindsets. Building relationships with people, gives us access to more resources. Interactions between businesses can also be seen as social capital. Users of Uber could post their interaction or experience with the company, on any social media site and this would be considered social capital.

Read more at: Claridge, T. 2004. Definitions of Social Capital. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.socialcapitalresearch.com/literature/definition.html. [Accessed 4 October 2017].

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