1.2 The Digital Divide

These are the different forms of the Digital Divide and its implications.

  • A Socio-Economic Divide
    The Socio-economic divide exists because of factors related to the gap between developed and developing countries. This means that developing areas in which the public lack access to information on the internet through digital devices, are currently experiencing the digital divide.
  • A Divide in Infrastructure
    In today’s world, there is a visible difference between the developed and developing. We have countries with unlimited access to digitally advanced technology and are setting the pace for the advancements of this technology. Whereas the developing countries, have limited access to this technology, it being provided to them at an unobtainable cost.
  • A Divide in Content
    A divide in content can be explained as the struggles users who do not speak English, have to face when accessing the internet. As stated by Dutton (2004), 70% of websites are reportedly in English.
  • A Gender Divide
    The divide between women and men online are great in numbers, consequently this leaves women at a disadvantage. Women with little to no access, prevalent some in developing countries, are unfortunately being stripped of their opportunity to be educated, to be a part of support communities or seek out career opportunities, due to the lack of digital access.
  • A Universal Access Divide
    The thought was to make available software and hardware to all, irrespective of the challenges. Unfortunately, this idea was not feasible as in some developing areas, financially, providing such technology, would not be viable. 

Read more at: Dutton, W. 2004. Social Transformation in an Information Society: Rethinking Access to you and the World. [ONLINE] Available at: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0015/001520/152004e.pdf. [Accessed 8 October 2017].

and: Wikipedia. 2017. Digital Divide. [ONLINE] Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_divide. [Accessed 8 October 2017].

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